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Inspection Services in Tyler and East Texas

Reynolds Professional Real Estate Inspection is the premiere group of home inspectors in Tyler Texas. We offer home inspections, commercial inspections, and construction inspections for Tyler, Longview, Henderson, and all of East Texas.  

Success comes from effort, it is temporary, and has to be earned every single job. We love repeated referrals and recommendations because the customer is treated with utmost fairness and respect, and everything is detailed and explained in the proper perspective.

Our customers are our neighbors, and a part of this community. They deserve the utmost value for the services provided. We strive for proper balance, perspective and understanding of each inspection to clarify technical language. Every job is a test to ourselves to be the best we can be, and be fair and impartial to how we perform because everyone and every job deserves our utmost professionalism.

Reynolds Home and Commercial Inspections

50% Off Inspections for New Agents

we are offering 50% of a base inspection fee to ANY new or established agent that utilizes other inspectors or inspection companies, and have not used Reynolds before or in the last couple years.

Customer Testimonials

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers


I’ve used Kobin and his team for well over 3 years on most of my buyer’s home inspections. Without doubt they are one of the best in this industry. I get scheduled within 24 hours and have reports back in 48 hours. He is realistic, honest, and can explain situations and problems in “layman” terms to customers and clients.

Steven E Jones


Reynolds Real Estate Inspection Group is top notch!!! I am a Realtor and use inspectors on a daily basis. There are tons of good ones out there but the guys at Reynolds Real Estate Inspection Group are at the top of the heap. They go over the property and explain everything in layman terms. I have used Kobin Reynolds, and 2 of his inspectors, Allen Alcorn and Kevin Tuohy and I would recommend all of these inspectors to anyone!!!

Lisa Dickey


Prompt, responsive and professional. Korbin was very personable and took the time to explain his findings in detail and provided recommendations. Highly recommended.

Scott S