New Agent Inspection Discount

50% Off Inspections for New Agents

HELLO ALL OF EAST TEXAS – we are offering 50% of a base inspection fee to ANY new or established agent that utilizes other inspectors or inspection companies, and have not used Reynolds before or in the last couple years. We have great discounts for our regulars too. Read below for more information on how, our story on why we are presenting this offer, and how to contact us for your next inspection. The operations and methods of the inspectors of Reynolds Inspection Group listed below are the future of what to expect and should be expected for East Texas. Full details in story below.

Why We Make This Offer

What? 50 % off inspections – HOW and WHY? WE would like to offer any of these four inspectors, to all new agents, and any established agent who have not used Reynolds before, to mention this ad, and get 50% off of one inspection.

This is a chance to experience the quality, commitment, communication and balance that proper perspective and presentation of inspections can provide. WE feel strongly that the inspection aspect is significant in knowing what we are doing in our job, and we know that the communication of information is absolutely priceless.

When inspection findings are presented properly, it can bring balance and comfort to many concerns, and not always be a scary and intense negative that the customers are left with and the agents have to clean up and calm down.

New Agent Inspection Special - Reynolds Inspection Group

Inspectors With Integrity

These inspectors at Reynolds Inspection Group have extended education and training that significantly exceeds well beyond the limited TREC needs to get licensed. Give these guys a chance to show what honest representation and presentation of issues are like, and show how balance and positivity can be provided using real world common sense through the job they do and the methods of our communication.

There are TOO MANY ISSUES with some inspectors and companies who may market well, join, sponsor, or buy into anything to get noticed in the social scene, but then they have to perform and are proving to be limited, problematic, and simply cannot meet levels of expected quality the customer deserves. Words of disingenuous, limited, regret, issues, and overwhelmed come to mind. Any agent with more than a couple of inspections from various inspectors knows what I am talking about.

This group of inspectors has the feedback, referrals and comments from customers and agents confirms this is what is good for the real estate market. We started this approach for a reason, because substandard others/reasons are still out there, working, selling, and coming up short with issues. These substandard also love to scour, and become cancel culture offended by getting mad and filing complaints because they must relate directly to videos I post regarding issues created because a job is not done properly, and what outcomes and issues arise due to lack of performance or communication. Do you want to use petty insecure inspectors who are limited in confidence? I believe going forward with an inspector having constant passion for professional performance and a demand for excellence and communication and fair representation that avoids many, many issues is the answer.

Local Inspection World Today and What is Available

There are other awesome quality inspectors that we are glad to share information or refer to customers if that is needed. Unfortunately, we have also seen and heard too much of the questionable and limited performance in some competitors, peers and available inspectors here locally.

Some of the local newer inspectors and companies seem to have made a decision one day to just get a license and start a new career, market well, web site, well, sell-join-sponsor and be likeable people, until they have to perform and produce, then the limitations become evident. The same can be said with some established inspectors and companies, who chase volume or have not grown into performing real world common sense inspections away from “by the book one size fits all” language, and attitudes. And then there many inspectors who use strong and scary but limited catch all non-specific language presented with overbearing legal limitations on everything they say or produce, even on the most minimal, common, used and insignificant cosmetic issues.

We are not here trying to trash or talk bad about others, but we are honest and unfiltered in our path and approach to quality that is expected of us, all of us. This concern is true in any business and profession. Can others define and explain the value of proper perspective in areas such as: repair versus upgrade, functioning as designed but not to current standards and balanced with communication, a 100 year old home versus new, to explain and understand eras of construction, materials, upgrades, standards and how they apply to listed as a shortcoming, installation versus operation as a deficiency rating? Commercial inspections?

Let Us Prove Why We’re the Best in the Business

Reynolds Inspection Group has grown for many positive reasons and each of our inspectors are honored and always dedicated on how we can consistently perform in a manner that protects and benefits our customers, our community, our neighbors and the real estate business. Our core goal and business model is to provide the most responsible inspections and communication available, that brings balance and understanding, consistent from all of us with professionalism, value, integrity and honor.